7 easy ways to avoid over spending this holiday season

Relax, it’s the Holiday Season. Here are 7 easy ways to avoid over spending this holiday season.

1. Share the load! Ask friends and family to bring or make something to lighten your Christmas food bill. And remember it is just one day, no need to empty your piggy bank.

2. Simplify & sell. Most of us have things laying around the house that could make us money. Think about selling online, a garage sale or at your local markets. The extra cash can be very useful and you are de-cluttering at the same time. Win. Win.

3. Give to those doing it tough. It may be donating things you no longer need (more de-cluttering), your time or money. It is guaranteed to make you feel great and make someone else’s Christmas extra special.

4. Use your reward points to pay for gifts. You can use your rewards points to directly pay for gifts or gift cards! You may be surprised how many points you accumulate during the year. Think your credit card, supermarket, airline and department store programs!

5. Track your spending. Make a simple budget. There are lots of apps available, here is one by the Australian Government that can be used for your weekly budget or special events.
Click here to download the app.

6. Start planning for next Christmas, yes 2017! It may seem far away but starting a savings account now, shopping the sales and using lay-bys can save you a lot of money.

7. No regrets. In a years time you will only regret what you put off today. Don’t wait until next year to start something you can easily do today.

No holiday for us! I will be available throughout the break if you would like to get a head start on your goals for the new year. Today is the perfect day to start your financial plan, it is as easy as an email. You can even get me on my mobile, 0409 02 99 22.

Have a great week!


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