The Trainex Systems Team

alan_fbAlan Marion

Alan Marion is a specialist in assisting both businesses and individuals to get the very best out of themselves.

The innovative coaching and mentoring programs Alan has developed engages clients in progressive planning that ensures a constant flow of new ideas and actions.



This facilitates businesses to:

  • reach and exceed their objectives and goals
  • enhance staff members careers
  • Increase motivation in their work greatly raising job satisfaction
  • Meet KPI’s

Alan is a highly skilled facilitator and has run programs globally in a variety of topics including skillful sales, goal achievement, progressive planning and thriving in economic downturns.


Alan has been consulting for over 15 years in business, staff and sales development.

Prior to this Alan has assisted many smaller businesses to grow into large companies and as National Sales Manager for The Original Juice Company he instigated sales growth from Zero to $45million in just 7 years.

Over the past 2 years Alan has been delivering his programs to over 52 Rural townships where businesses have been suffering from the affects of drought, fires, economic downturn and other adverse conditions. These programs have allowed towns to collaboratively plan their way out of adversity and specifically bring back clientele to tourist regions.

The Chisholm Institute have selected Alan to do a series of lectures through all of their colleges to inspire and assist SME’s in these challenging times.

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