Are interest rates on the rise?

Some experts with more knowledge than us are commenting that we appear to be at the bottom of the interest rate cycle.

Governments and lenders are increasingly confident our domestic economic recovery will continue over the coming months and years. This means the expectation for long term rates (e.g. 3 to 5 year fixed rates) is trending up rather than down, a good indication that the current rate environment is close to the bottom of the cycle.

Considering your rates and lending at this point in the cycle is important, as it represents a great opportunity to get your rates as low as possible, before the market move upwards.

There are a number of attractive refinance offers at the moment with low fixed rates. Lenders are regaining their confidence in the overall economy post-COVID, which means they are hungry for business. This attitude combined with a sustained low-rate environment means there are some good offers to consider.

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