Interesting points:
1. Melbourne has more dwellings than Sydney (NSW has a more decentralised population).
2. Melbourne residents hold on to their houses for the longest term (11.8 years), Darwin has the shortest term (7.1 years).
3. Perth and Brisbane have the highest percentage of their dwellings on the market whilst Canberra has the lowest.
4. Houses in Sydney sell the quickest with just 49 days as the average “on market” period.
5. Melbourne had more house sales than Sydney over the last 12 months.

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More interesting points:

1. The gap between the highest Median house price (Sydney $800,000) and the lowest (Hobart $350,000) is a whopping $450,000.
2. Rental yields for Sydney and Melbourne are now well below 4%.
3. The difference between Sydney’s average annual growth rate over 10 years (4.9%) and Melbourne’s result (5.8%) is surprising given Sydney’s recent boom.
4. Despite extremely solid growth over 10 years, Darwin’s rental yield of 5.8% is very high.
5. Although Perth’s 12 month median price growth is low, the rental yield is still reasonably strong at 4.3%.
6. Brisbane’s rental yield is a full 1% p.a. higher than Sydney whilst the median house price is 39.4% lower.

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