Client Testimonials

Paul (Dimattina Coffee)

The Dimattina family has been roasting and blending coffee in Melbourne since 1954. For over 16 years, Paul has driven the Dimattina Coffee brand to remain one of the most enjoyed and award-winning blends in Australia and overseas. After establishing his business goal of opening a small showroom and café in Sth Melbourne, Paul sought the assistance of ONYX Finance to create a property finance strategy for investment growth. In 2014, Paul continues to entertain his clients and has expanded operations to train retail staff, showcase equipment, cut coffee and create new blends for commercial, domestic and retail sales in the same Clarendon Street premises.

Christine (Edible Forest Garden)

Following unforeseen and immediate need to change business direction, Christine and her husband John identified their new business goals to generate an income stream by opening the Edible Forest Garden situated amongst the beautiful hills in Victoria’s Wonga Park. Through meeting with Greg Clough to explain their circumstances, financial position and presenting their new business model, John and Christine continue to embrace the challenges of nurturing the growth of their new family business, whilst creating a sustainable environment future for generations through educating the community on the benefits of enjoying organically grown food products.

Alan (Trainex Systems)

Being in the business of ‘relationship building’ by educating small businesses referred by city councils and other business owners with marketing strategies to assist with business and marketplace growth, it’s little surprise that Alan sought the best finance solution from his long-time friend and mentor, Greg Clough. Through coming to understand that Alan entertained and worked with up to 40 clients at his home each month, Greg provided Alan with a finance solution that secured his property and further provided him with a more balanced lifestyle he had hoped to achieve.

Brett (Cambridge Plumbing)

For almost 25 years, Cambridge Plumbing has served their clientele with honesty, integrity and professionalism that has rewarded them loyal clients, significant growth and recognition as Members of the Master Plumber and Mechanical Services Association. Specialising in architecturally designed homes, high end developments and renovations, Brett’s decision to relocate his business to St Kilda 4 years ago where 95% of his work is conducted, required an innovative finance strategy through ONYX Finance and Greg’s on-going mentoring to obtain additional investment goals including acquiring properties to build the company’s property  portfolio.

Bob (The Fringe Bar & Pizza, Melbourne)

Located in the Little Lonsdale Street in the City of Melbourne, the Fringe Bar & Pizza (formerly Oddfellows Hotel) continues to be enjoyed by Melburnians all year round.

Bob has worked within the hospitality industry for over twenty years and created The Fringe that is regarded by many as being one of the most vibrant all in one food and entertainment venues in the CBD.

Bob’s Financial Planner highly recommended ONYX Finance to assist him to upgrade his home that would sustain his family and their lifestyle for the next twenty years. By understanding Bob’s circumstances and Lifestyle goals upfront, Greg was able to secure Bob with additional property investments.

Bree (Property Investor)

Expecting first-time parents Bree and her husband Eric were first introduced to ONYX Finance through family to assist them in purchasing their first home in Frankston in 2010.

Being first time borrowers at the time, through Greg’s experience and ability to explain the process and requirements in a simple manner, he was able to put them at ease and provide them with the confidence to commit to applying for a mortgage through a major lender after he presented them with a timely and achievable solution.

Through Greg’s continued advice and support, Bree and Eric have since acquired their second investment property and looking to purchase their third within the next 12 months.

Claudia (Property Investor)

When you’re a busy mother of two teenagers and a full-time middle year school teacher at private secondary college, it’s understandable that finding time to enjoy the comforts at home may be considered a luxury.

Between school bells and driving her daughters around to meet their sports and social commitments, Claudia couldn’t be happier with her Lifestyle dream she has secured in Berwick with the assistance of ONYX Finance.

Highly recommended by her friend, Greg met with Claudia and offered easy to understand advice and created solutions to help her secure her home. Over the years Claudia has sought additional advice and mentoring from ONYX Finance to secure her second investment property.

Peter (Business Owner & Property Investor)

Peter is in the business of making dough that allows him to enjoy the balanced lifestyle between running his takeaway pizza parlor at the Preston Market and spending quality time with family and friends at his home in Doncaster.

When Peter wanted to expand his investment portfolio by purchasing an additional property, he began the process by surfing the internet in search of finding the ‘right’ professional to assist him in achieving his goal. Peter discovered the innovative finance services ONYX Finance provided and contacted Greg.

After understanding Peter’s background and future Lifestyle goals, ONYX Finance presented Peter with an investment strategy that involved refinancing his existing loans that allowed him to proceed with purchasing another investment property.

Yvette (Business Owner & Property Investor)

Managing Director of ‘In Your Face Media’ and freelance marketing consultant for shopping centres, Yvette, is passionate about her career and working towards securing her lifestyle goals through building her property portfolio.

Following meeting Greg at a business networking event in Melbourne, Yvette was drawn to Greg’s ability to understand her goals and provided her with a professional strategy to assist her to achieve them within her five year time frame.

By implementing Greg’s innovative property investment strategy, Yvette was able to purchase her latest property in St Kilda that compliments her busy work schedule and social lifestyles; whilst providing her with additional income opportunities through renting her apartment out during major events held in Melbourne and busy holiday seasons.