Do you entertain a big dream?

9 critical questions to help you start with the end in mind

Julie-Anne Black

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What’s your big dream? Do you have one?

That one juicy desire that if you were to accomplish it would not only make you proud as punch to be you, it would also double, triple even quadruple your happiness?

Did you have a flood of things coming to mind or did you go blank, saying to yourself with a quizzical tone ‘what do I specifically want?’

It’s OK if you still need to unearth your goal, refine and tweak it to make it crystal clear but it’s not OK to never give yourself the time or permission to entertain your own big dream.

A big dream could be anything you want it to be – personal, business, health, financial. It could be a mission on a global scale or something closer to home. But it must make you smile broadly, have a positive impact and elevate your heart a little out of excitement and anticipation. Could I really do it! Yes you can!

The people who get the results they want, let themselves daydream about what could be. They see it, hear it, feel it, plan for it and ultimately go after it.

Remember life isn’t personal. You either have reasons why you didn’t get the results you wanted or you have the results you wanted…

The only thing preventing you from achieving what you want are the stories you tell yourself about why you couldn’t, shouldn’t, won’t.

 The aim is to take yourself on an adventure that captures your interest, makes a difference and keeps you curious by engaging different senses and emotions. Each turning point in your life provides another hook. You’re on the edge of your seat wondering ‘What is going to happen next?’ and the most powerful question of all ‘How will it all turn out?’ The answer is never revealed until the climax in the final act and so you are held by curiosity captivated and inspired.

So what is the one big dream that keeps stalking your thoughts as if to say “hello, I’m still here, I’m not going away!”

Choose something specific, the one that lights you up the most. The one that makes the biggest difference to you and will positively impact those around you.

Once you have it in mind step into the movie scene and ask yourself these nine critical questions. If at any point your dream flat lines or loses it’s mojo let that one go. Be brave. Now chose that thing you really want to do!

So with Big Dream in mind ask yourself:

  1. What do I specifically want? State it positively.
  2. Where am I now?
  3. What will I see, hear, feel and know when I have it?
  4. What’s my evidence procedure? How will I know when I have it?
  5. What will this outcome get for me or allow me to do and become?
  6. Is it self-initiated and self-maintained? (Preferably, you want the answer to be yes!)
  7. Is it appropriately contextualized? Where, when, how, and with whom do I want it?
  8. What do I have now, and what do I need to get my outcome?
  • Have I ever had or done this before?
  • Do I know anyone who has?
  • Can I act as if I have it?
  1. Is it ecological? For what purpose do I want this? What will I gain or lose if I have it?

This sequence of questions gives you the permission, clarity and emotional connection to go after your big dream. Your next step is to generate a plan with in-built milestones so you can witness the progress you’re making.

Along the way it will be more important and satisfying for you to reward your discipline rather than the result.

Imagine yourself standing proudly centre stage as if you have already produced your big dream. You’ll think differently, move differently and lead differently.

Take responsibility to direct your life production. You’re in charge. You’ve got this. Believing in yourself and your vision gives you maximum power to make your big dream your reality. Keep entertaining it. Keep going after it. Keep being brilliant now.



Julie-Anne Black International Speaker, Author and Joy Advocate. Her mission is to show you how to take charge of your success and happines by boosting your communication skills and shedding those BS excuses so you can produce a life that is more compelling to live than a hit TV show is to watch. Be Brilliant Now!