Does your referral matter?

Why your referral matters!

Sometimes our referrals go missing! All too often we do a fantastic job and our clients love what we do but when they tell their loved ones and work mates the message heard is “we got a fantastic deal from such and such lender” and sometimes the client then goes direct. However, it was actually the hard work of the Finance Specialist that created the best strategy and deal for that specific client that deserved the credit and referral.

Why we need your support

  1. Onyx is a small business that is passionate about making a difference and rely on word of mouth and referrals to be heard over the noise in a crowded market place.
  2. We are paid commission from the lenders, we are unbiased and we do not charge you for our services.
  3. The number of borrowers who use a finance specialist has grown year on year for many years now and over 50% of all loans are settled using this channel.

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