Have you heard of Shop Hold? They are our Client of the Month.

Another fantastic small business that we would like to celebrate is Shop HOLD, which creates beautifully hand made bags and baskets. HOLD is the love child of two sisters, Theresa and Bree, who I first met 8 years ago. Since then we have been lucky enough to help them purchase their first homes, renovation projects and achieve their financial goal of buying an investment property.

HOLD was founded on the idea to create scrumptious pieces that were both sustainable and simple, less truly is more. HOLD strives to have a minimal carbon footprint and limits the use of commonly thrown out waste (plastic, receipts, paper) in packaging. All items are wrapped in vintage fabric and any paper used is strictly recycled.

Their ethos is that you can have both style and function without compromising on our responsibility to the earth and the people lives that create your wares.

Here are three reasons why we love HOLD:

  • All their bags are named after influential and powerful women from yesterday and today. It is a simple nod to the women that have changed history forever by being being brave, strong and the early adapters of the woman to woman movement. “These woman have fought for what they believe in regardless of society’s expectations. And we thank them for that” says Theresa.
  • They are huge supporters of the slow fashion movement.
  • Their bags and baskets are made by two families in the stunning island of Bali, Indonesia. The HOLD team have a strong relationship with the families involved in making their beautiful wares that predates HOLD.

You can support HOLD by following them on Instagram.

If you would like to be featured in our ‘Client of the Month’ please email us.


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