How does it all work?

“How does it all work”
Over nearly 15 years of experience and feedback Onyx has created a very simple and
user-friendly process. Whether you are seeking your first home loan or a total overview of your finances we can help find you and/or your business the best finance solution.

Step 1. Fact Find this takes around 20 -30 minutes and can be done face to face, over the phone, Skype or you may wish to complete the form in your own time.

Step 2. Loan Proposal Onyx reviews the current market and products available and we provide you with a loan proposal that best suits your individual needs and circumstances.

Step 3. Loan Application and Approval after the proposal is approved we complete the application and advise what supporting documents are required for submission.

Advantages of using a Finance Specialist, such as Onyx.

  • We review a broad range of products, not just one bank or lender
  • You will personally be looked after by myself throughout the whole process
  • We are always contactable and you can use the contact method that suits you, whether it is by phone, message, Skype or email. We do not go missing on you!
  • We always respond promptly. Our team work staggered hours so we are available more than the standard business hours
  • There is no cost or risk to you and we are paid by the lender which is fully disclosed in the Loan Proposal
  • We take the stress out, there may be many questions and we are here for you
  • No loan is too small or too large and no problem is too complex

Support local businesses

As mentioned last week we are a boutique business and rely on word-of-mouth. If you have used Onyx in the past please share your experiences with family, friends and business colleagues, this is how small, local businesses survive.

For those that haven’t already enjoyed the perks, we have a referral reward program!

Have a great week.

Warm Regards,

Greg Clough
Owner and Founder
t. 1300 1400 15
m. 0409 02 99 22


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