Introducing our new Advocate Program

An easy way to earn a $500, $750 or $1,000 Westfield Shopping voucher.

If you have been following us for some time you will know that we are really passionate about finance and helping you grow your wealth through property investment.

I am just going to wear my heart on my sleeve for a minute… it isn’t always easy competing with huge big corporations that have bigger advertising budgets than we could spend in a lifetime however we love what we do and will continue helping hundreds of clients, just like you, achieve their financial goals.

One thing you may not know about us is we are a smaller owner-operated business passionate about your success, but obviously we couldn’t do it without you, our loyal clients.

Because we are hands-on we pride ourselves on prompt responses and personalised, strategic advice. You’re not just a number at Onyx!

We are grateful for the champions of Onyx. Our advocates continue to recommend us to their family, friends and work colleagues and ensure we can keep getting people into their first home, dream home and investment properties and achieve those big financial goals which will assist them retire securely and enjoy what should be one of the most enjoyable times of their lives.

It is for this reason we are so excited to announce our new ‘Advocate Program’, which will reward you for your recommendations and referrals that result in settled loans in any 12-month period.

Advocate Program Rewards

$500 Westfield Shopping voucher – 1 referral

$750 Westfield Shopping voucher – 2 referrals

$1,000 Westfield Shopping voucher – 3 or more referrals

And it’s easy to redeem you can shop online or at any one of 35 Shopping Centres across Australia.

The power of word of mouth

We all love a good recommendation, whether it be a good book, movie or great restaurant. We would love to treat finance the same. If you would recommend us to a friend or family member please follow this link.

Thank you for supporting Onyx.


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