Introducing Onyx Client of the Month… The Melbourne Map!

The Melbourne Map

There are so many fantastic small businesses out there and we want to add to the positive movement of supporting each other. From one small business to another we want to start promoting the talent around us and thus would like to introduce The Melbourne Map.

I first met Melinda Clarke, the creator of Melbourne Map in the early nineties. Since then she has become a loyal Onyx client and advocate so we’d like to help her with her latest venture.

The Melbourne Map was originally created 27 years ago and Mel is now dusting off the original and updating to now. The official launch was Wednesday 5th April and for the next month you can pre-purchase The Melbourne Map prints and Limited Editions at special pre-release prices. You can check out their website and watch the video here. You can support Mel and the Melbourne Map through their crowd-funding page here, if you have five minutes head over and check out the campaign.

Here are 3 reasons why we love Melbourne Map:

  • The maps are all hand drawn
  • They are more than just maps, they are an artistic master piece clothed in buildings. You can see parts of everyday life on the map like windsurfers at St Kilda beach and cyclists around the Yarra
  • The team (Melinda, Deboarah and Lewis) have spent their life savings on the project with over 4,000 hours already put in.

Onyx Client of the Month is a platform that we can share and help each other and will promote these businesses to our clients and prospects. Please let us know if you would like to be involved and have your business featured in future months. We would love to help!


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