Do you know your current interest rate? 3 simple steps to put cash back in your pocket

Latest research has shown the majority of Australians (85%) with a mortgage do not know their current interest rate. Of those surveyed 41% did not know their rate at all and only 44% could recall an approximate figure. This is also true for other debt, including credit cards.

It was also discovered that one in four (23%) believe that refinancing their mortgage was a good option to save money however it is a struggle to find the home loan product that suits them personally or to find the right competitive rate.

What does this mean for you?

You are likely paying thousands of dollars too much in interest a year, which is going straight to the banks.

Buying property is one of the largest investments you will make in your life. It is essential that you have the loan that suits your individual circumstances. Not every loan product is suitable to each person. There are other factors to consider, not just the interest rate.

Most importantly your individual needs will change over time, depending on where you are at in your life cycle.

What you can do?

✔ Spend 15-20 minutes to find out your current rates.

✔ Call me for an obligation free chat.

✔ Put more cash back in your pocket.

Home loan rates are currently at some of the lowest on record. Now is the perfect time to investigate your current loan and consider refinancing.

Actively monitoring home loan products and seeking the best rate can be time consuming and exhausting in an already busy world. This is where using a mortgage broker with a wide range of experience can be really handy and put more cash back in your pocket.

I am consistently reviewing all products, old and new, across the market place to make sure that we find you the best loan to meet your individual needs. I have over 15 years experience in finance and have worked with a range of different clients, there is no issues we cannot work towards solving and no loan too big or too small for us to assist with.

I am here to help and offering five free 25 minute goal setting sessions per week to help you achieve your lifestyle and finance goals. If you have any questions about refinancing or anything else please get in touch with me.

You can call me on 0409 02 99 22 or send me an email.


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