Marketing on Limited Budget

alan_fbAlan Marion
Owner & Founder, Trainex Systems

So many SME’s struggle with their marketing due to low or no budgets.

In this series of articles for Onyx we will pass on some ideas to assist you in Marketing on a Limited Budget.
There is a lot of hype around the use of Social Media however most Companies I notice are using this great tool in the wrong fashion.

I keep hearing the experts and every trainer preach that to get the best outcome out of Social Media you should Serve not Sell.
Personally, most of the Social Media posts I see, are cold hard selling jobs with product shots and deals to attend seminars etc.
To get the best results, put up small doses of important information that will be of value to your readers and hopefully their friends, that way your post will be shared and your audience increased.

Fun competitions, industry related pieces of information and useful tips are always welcome particularly in small short doses.

Use short video clips to get your information across it is much more likely to be absorbed.

The idea of social media is to drive people in a subtle way onto your website where the sales process can occur .