Who Gets It?

The Federal Government has committed to assist 10,000 First Home Buyers into the market by topping up their 5% deposits with a government guarantee for 15% of the loan. However, based on the $500 million in equity the government has set aside, only 1 in 11 buyers will be able to enjoy the…


Be Prepared

On a positive note, despite reports of up to 25% of loans not being approved today that would have been approved 12 months ago, at Onyx we are having far more success than that. Here are seven quick tips about being prepared for the more stringent lending environment that we are now…


Don’t Kill Competition

No doubt you haven’t missed the news about the findings and recommendations of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in Banking. The Royal Commission has resulted in the banks being slapped with a wet lettuce despite all the corruption uncovered meanwhile every Australian home loan borrower…

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