Are interest rates on the rise?

Some experts with more knowledge than us are commenting that we appear to be at the bottom of the interest rate cycle. Governments and lenders are increasingly confident our domestic economic recovery will continue over the coming months and years. This means the expectation for long term rates…


When is a hike not a hike!

Well it didn’t take long for the media to start their sensationalist reporting about interest rate rises. I was intrigued to hear a news report today that called the recent 0.25% increase a hike. The meaning of hike is “a sharp increase, especially in price” It should be…


Beware the Headlines

Imagine how many newspapers would sell if the headline was “Everything well in the world today, prosperous times for years to come” Not many I would guess. Two headlines that grabbed my attention in the past few weeks. “Household debt to double by 2024”  and …


We don’t just do Home Loans

Hi At Onyx Finance we have been providing Residential Finance solutions for 20 years. However did you know we also provide solutions for all of your finance requirements such as: Personal Loans Onyx Finance can arrange personal loans that allows you to borrow to pay for a car, boat, motorhome or…

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