Business Relationship Opportunity

Queensland Finance Broker Back-Up Without Bureaucracy

Do you feel growing your mortgage brokering is being constrained by all the back-office loan application administration?  Or perhaps you’re over all the bureaucracy that comes with doing home loans through a large mortgage business.

I’m looking to establish a relationship with a Queensland Finance Broker who needs great back-office support under an established brand without the bureaucracy.

I’ve summarised what I’m offering here.  If you think this would suit you I’d really like to chat about how we can help you.

I can be contacted on 0409 029922.

Warm Regards

Greg Clough

National Brand Leverage

Onyx is 17-year-old brand with a client base across Australia including many repeat clients. We operate from Melbourne and have representation in NSW. Give your clients confidence that they are dealing with a long-established brand.

Easy Flat-Fee Loan Processing

Use our lending support on a flat fee basis. We’ll process and administer your loan applications.  Leave us to deal with the challenges of gaining approvals and settling loans while you have more time to talk to clients and prospects.

Licensing and Aggregation

Onyx has its own Australian Credit License (ACL) using FAST as its aggregator.  This offers you a no advice flat fee model, which is the cheapest option.  You will operate under the Onyx ACL.

Simple Relationships

Onyx is wholly owned by me and you will deal directly with me. There is no account management bureaucracy you need to deal with.

Experience and Mentoring

Choosing the right home or investment loan is getting increasingly more complex.  This can be a challenge when you are working alone.  With Onyx you’ll have access to my many years of experience to mentor you when and if required.

Work Life Balance

You can work from home or remotely, no stress, no pressure, no big meetings. You get to spend your time doing what you like best but you’re in total control and we are here to back you up.

Marketing Support

A web presence is essential but can be expensive and time consuming to establish and maintain.  You will have use of our long-established website which can be easily adapted to include you.  We have an established marketing program with regular email marketing to the database.  We’ll be able to introduce you to our Queensland clients and include your existing client and prospects.