Residential Finance

 For over a decade, Onyx Finance continues to recognise that every home-buyer has a unique story behind establishing their property ownership goals.

Onyx Finance relies on understanding your story to provide innovative, reliable and efficient finance solutions to help deliver the keys to your first owner-occupied or investment property.

As we begin thinking about and approach retirement, there are many new challenges and lifestyle choices that need to be carefully considered before entering this new chapter.

ONYX Finance understands the best way to achieve and maintain a comfortable lifestyle following retirement is to develop a holistic financial plan prior to selling the family home and downsizing.

By first discussing your Lifestyle requirements and by then assessing your financials, ONYX Finance can provide you with innovative finance solutions to assist you with downsizing to a suitable property; whilst achieving cash-flow through generating equity release for future investing.

When you have committed to buying your first home, along with the excitement and joy of entering the Australian property market, we understand that nerves, second guessing and added pressures can often arise when borrowing from major lenders. Being one of the biggest financial commitments in your life, our aim is to keep the process as simple as possible and solve any problems swiftly that may arise during the application and approval process.

Like with many of our first-time home ownership clients, our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable experience by openly explaining the process in a step-by-step fashion, before we create a professional and easy to understand finance strategy that will ensure your experience remains rewarding during your transition into property ownership.

As your family continues to grow, how to acquire additional space often becomes a regular dinner time topic. Moving into a larger family home with additional bedrooms, bathrooms and a larger backyard is a progressive step for most Australian families, but can be a challenge to achieve this goal in a timely fashion.

ONYX Finance specialises in assisting families by first assessing the viability of securing a larger family home by taking into consideration your current financial situation. This is usually a good time to consider debt consolidation to increase cash-flow and reduce costs to additionally support your current lifestyle.

Many upgrading transitions into larger family homes often require forward thinking and innovative finance solutions to maximise cash-flow whilst minimising debts during the application and property acquisition process.

By first understanding your new lifestyle goals and your unique financial story, ONYX Finance will create an efficient finance solution to help you leave the growing ‘squeeze’ to soon enjoy your new home with plenty of space to live life to the fullest.

There are many reasons you may require finance to support significant Lifestyle Changes. Whether your children are beginning to move out of the family home, you need to relocate for your career or it’s simply time for a tree or sea change, ONYX Finance understands the many underlying pressures that may arise through each transitional stage.

With over a decade of assisting Australian families with achieving their impromptu or planned Lifestyle changes, ONYX Finance provides a range of innovative finance solutions that support major decisions created to reduce your personal and financial pressures.

Along with home equity growth through property ownership and career progression with subsequent wage increases, ONYX Finance is often approached for advice by first-time investors on ways to acquire a second property for additional income opportunities.

Along with embracing the excitement of creating investment opportunities through property, over the years ONYX Finance has presented individuals and couples with a range of information prior to applying for investment loans from lenders.

ONYX encourages and assists potential First-Time Property Investors to re-identify and structure their Lifestyle goals to ensure they align with future finance planning to avoid any unforseen bumps in the road.

During this pre First-Time Investment discovery session, we identify and discuss a range of future lifestyle changes (such as starting a family) that should they arise at any point, they are financially supported to allow you to embrace change; whilst maintaining your investment goals with confidence.

With this information and considerations determined upfront, ONYX Finance can then best assist creating financial solutions to ensure First-Time Investors have safe-guarded their assets and cash-flow the best they can.

ONYX Finance specialises in creating innovative finance solutions to assist clients in building wealth through growing their property investment portfolios.

Along with sourcing the right lender for multi property acquisitions, developing cash-flow management streams and generating funds through investment strategies for our clients, ONYX Finance recognises the importance of establishing an exit plan upfront to align with their Lifestyle goals.

The development of an exit plan arms Property Portfolio Investors with clear direction and empowers them with a ‘game plan’ to help them enjoy other Lifestyle goals such as traveling whilst their investments continue to grow.

The creation of both an entry and exit plan created with ONYX provides clients with an annual finance review to ensure they are on track to achieve their long-term Lifestyle goals.