Seven Finance Tips in 2 Minutes


Here are seven tips to assist you when preparing to apply for finance:

  1. Check your credit file. It’s free at and it’s important you know where you stand before you start considering a loan.
  2. Watch what appears on all of your bank statements. Lenders have software that can analyse line by line, so be mindful of discretionary spending and ATM withdrawal locations.
  3. Allow plenty of time. Due to the property boom, finance approvals can take longer than in the past. The more complex your scenario the longer the time for approval.
  4. Be prepared with your supporting documents. Lenders are requesting more information about borrowers than ever before. Ask us for a check-list well before you intend to apply for a loan.
  5. Try to avoid changing jobs if you intend to apply for finance. You would be surprised how many borrowers change jobs without realising this can impact on their loan being approved.
  6. Ask if there are products that may enhance your chances of approval or better still speed up the process of you getting into property. An example of this is the Family Pledge loan.
  7. Call Onyx today for a chat about being finance application and approval ready.


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