alan_fbWhen achieving your goals one of the key points spoken about is to break your goals down into small achievable targets.

In this message I just wanted to pass on some examples that have proved this point

Kevin Sheedy, a very smart Football Coach was appointed to a new side, the Western Sydney Giants. The team was mostly made up of very young players and everyone knew in their first years they were going to get thrashed in every game.

To keep up motivation and to avoid damaging lack of motivation Kevin told the players not to even look at the league ladder and the only one that counts is the one I’m about to set up.

Kevin broke the goal down into small achievable parts and awarded 1 point for every quarter they won so when in the 1st year they got to 14 points they felt like they had achieved something. Now this also gave the side a good target in their second year to beat this measurable mark and all this kept the young blokes from suffering too much dissapointment and motivation to win these small goals

The club is now playing great football and challenging on the real ladder

The easiest example to relate this message to is, if you want to lose 10 kilos aim to lose 1 kilo per week for 10 weeks and see how easy it is.

In business and in your personal life, don’t get scared off by the big targets, set small achievable goals and in time the big prize will arrive.


Alan Marion
Trainex Systems