When it comes to healthy competition between Australian cities, whether championing for a sporting team, who has the hottest property market or even pitching for a major international events, traditionally debates between Sydney versus Melbourne top the lists.

In terms of determining the biggest shifts in the 2014 property markets around Australia, while Sydney still holds the title as being the biggest city with the hottest property market in terms of price growth, South East Queensland is on the rise and expected to rival Sydney in a big way next year.

According to the latest edition of the Price Predictor Index, research studies have revealed that in terms of property sales, the South East Queensland precinct which comprises of 254 suburbs throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and covers 250 kilometres from the NSW border to northern parts of Noosa is indeed ‘Hot Property.’

With the on-going urban development in these highly sought-after areas, the sales activity has remained on the rise with initial key indicators suggesting the vast precinct will continue to enjoy significant growth throughout 2015.

Studies conducted by Terry Ryder of suggest the upward spike in property sales has remained steady and continually increasing in each of the 254 growth suburbs throughout the metropolitan areas across the precinct.

Although some property news headlines have tended to report that the property market is starting to bottom-out or the property boom is beginning fade within the Australian market, experienced investors understand that these figures are based on Sydney’s performance – Sydney still being the biggest Australian city with the hottest property market in terms of price growth.

Whilst investment trends have slowed in Sydney’s 120 identifies growth markets (including New South Wale’s Central Coast), the shift to other Australian property growth markets have appealed to investors; with South East Queensland topping the list ahead of Adelaide, Hobart and numerous regional cities in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

While early reports 2014 show the 254 suburbs within the South East Queensland precinct have provided moderate price growth, 2015 remains optimistic with more expected  rises.

According to the Owner and Founder of ONYX Finance, Greg Clough, investors must seek professional advice before entering the South East Queensland property market.

“Although there has been moderate price growth in this particular market, in terms of upward spikes in sales volumes, we advise that investors take into consideration and perhaps avoid some of the areas that are leaning towards oversupply such as high-rise investments on the Gold Coast,” Greg said.

He continued, “For long-term investment opportunities within the South East Queensland precinct, we are working closely with our clients by exploring urban ‘hot spots’ areas within inland suburbs that surround metropolitan areas.”

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