Stop the stress – create a fighting fund!

Well we’ve been bombarded with negative news this week.

Inflation running at 5.1% per annum.

Pressure on the Reserve Bank to increase the cash rate with some saying the next increase may be 0.4% per annum followed quickly by a couple of 0.25%’s.

This move would increase variable interest rates by 1% and don’t be surprised if some lenders take the opportunity to tickle them even higher.

(They love doing that when they think we’re not paying attention)
Furthermore fixed rates have jumped up considerably in the last six months which makes them an unpalatable option for many borrowers.

So it goes without saying that it will become harder to borrow in the near future.

A famous coach once said “control the controllables”. So we can’t control inflation and we can’t control rising interest rates.

What can we control?; Prepare for the above by creating a fighting fund within your loan!

It will only take 30 minutes of your time to find out how and if this is possible for you.

Some experts are talking about an interest rate increase as early as May so can we strongly suggest you call us today, over the weekend or at the very latest next week.

Call 1300 1400 15 or txt me on 0409 02 99 22 and I’ll call you back.

Overcome any concerns you may have by taking prompt action today.

Have a great weekend.



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