Are you on track to retire poor?

True wealth creation is unattainable by most yet the term is often thrown around by many in the investment world. What is a realistic goal? We are constantly told you want security when purchasing an investment property and comfort in retirement.

According to the latest RP data only 5.75% of all Australians own just one investment property and less than 1% own six or more properties.


1. Most bankers and mortgage brokers only look at the next deal, not the next 5 to 10 years for that client. It’s not about just the next deal.

2. Property investing is not set and forget. It’s not as easy as some would have you believe. There can be frustrations and disappointments along the way, including but not limited to: low valuations, stricter lending policies, tenant and property manager issues, balancing your accountants tax advice and maximizing your borrowing capacity

3. Loss of Employment or Personal/Business partnership break ups can stall the process.

Clearly it’s not for everyone but for those who make the commitment, the financial freedom is the reward. Being poor in retirement is no-one’s goal but the good news is with the right guidance and needless to say with some sacrifice, you can achieve the comfort and security you seek.
You just need to start the process!

This is where we can help…
Onyx Invest provides a consultative and holistic approach to property acquisition and finance structure. We can assist you to be in the top 4% of Australians that own more than 3 investment properties. From our experience you will gain the skill sets and knowledge necessary to achieve the security and comfort we all seek.

We have recently grown our team to ensure I have the capacity to help each client and personally and be your personal property mentor.


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