Your Diary Never Lies

alan_fbWe are all in sales in one fashion or the other so we need to fill our diaries with appointments that are going to lead to us gaining more business.

Is your diary filled with busy activities, are you spending too much time at the computor,  are you finding ways to avoid those all important face to face meetings in offices where decisions are made.

If you just make one call everyday to a potential new client and one to an existing client, imagine how quickly your diary will fill up with opportunities. I have seen this work for so many businesses I work with and in many cases quite stunning results.

A very good tip when making appointments is to make them 4 weeks ahead. You will find that you will overcome the excuse of being too busy and you will not look desperate rather you will appear well planned,

Start filling your diary with sales appointments because 90% of success is just showing up!

Alan Marion
Trainex Systems