Seven Simple Tips for a Bright Future

Welcome to 2017. This year shapes up as a fantastic time to start or continue your property investment journey. Record low interest rates combined with stable pricing provides ideal circumstances.

These 7 simple steps guide you through the process to a bright and fruitful future with financial security and freedom.

1. Plan for your future. Retirement may seem far away, building your wealth takes time. The best time to start is today.

2. Start somewhere. It may seem a daunting task but once you have taken your first step things often build momentum. Set an intention, or visualise how you see it looking.

3. Be proactive! Despite the low interest rates that everyone is talking about, many major lenders have not passed on substantial savings to you. Contact your Mortgage Broker / Finance Expert today to see what savings you can make.

4. De-clutter your life. Most of us have things (furniture, jewellery, clothes and sporting equipment) around the house that we could sell online or at your local markets. The extra cash can be very useful and you are de-cluttering at the same time.

5. No regrets. In a years time you will only regret what you put off today. Don’t wait until next year to start something you can easily do today.

6. Find time for yourself. Aim to find 1-2 hours a week to do something that feeds your soul.

7. Exercise. Start small but aim to do 20 minutes everyday. A leisurely walk is a fun place to start.


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